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Crossfit Fitness Warriors

The Mindbody online program you so dutifully "Sign In" to is starting to produce some pretty interesting results. The first bit of raw data is the most revealing, other than being able to monitor everything that goes into your pie holes, attendance is probably the best indicator of your fitness level (as well as your ability to commit to something). We have decided to acknowledge those who have "Done Battle" at Crossfit Vancouver at least 3 times per week. The way we figure it, if you can eat properly (see Machine vs Patty Micro-nutrient war from 2 weeks ago) and get in the gym 3 times per week, you will have a long healthy life and avoid all of the major killers of our society. It is really that simple, you are hedging your bets for the future, not to mention having the jump on every slow minded mother fu#@er (those doing yoga and eating granola or simply sitting on the couch with the calzone) you encounter in everyday life. It is not easy to prepare for battle three times per week, but those that do, will enjoy a better life for having had the sack to step up and face the challenge Here are your September Crossfit Warriors: 18 Battles: Chris Day 17 Battles: Pat "Whibs" Whibley 15 Battles: Rosita "mammasita" Morandin 14 Battles: Benson"butler" Wong, Darryl "Great Kamala" Jones, Bryan "Pipes" Henry, 13 Battles: David Watts, Lori "Nelson" Cormack, 12 Battles: Alison "old Skool" Eng, Mark "wick" Chadwick,Yvonne "Vonner" Mcintosh, Carlito "carlito" Stewart, Chris Slater, Michelle Ng Honorable Mention (10+ Battles): Steve "Snoball" Harvey, Noah "Coleman" Croom, Al"dark Knight"Riaz, Mike "Lumber" Dahlman, Fabian "Fab" Hansen, Karen Goble, Maria "Bulldog" Alvarez, Jason "Jaboy the Playboy" Gach, Max Gagne, David "Duke" Newcombe, Troy "TT Boy" Angrignon, Brian "Fallguy" Lydiatt, Steve "manchild" Rempel, Teresa hall, James Alexander Great Job Guys!! Monday's Workout: Dead Lift 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 Run 1 mile Record Both.