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Crossfit Fundamentals: Breathing and Weightlifting

image "Iranian Hercules" Hossein Rezazadeh Knows how to breath as he sets a new Clean & Jerk World Record of 263.5kg Mike Burgner (World Class Olympic Weightlifting Coach and Crossfit Contributor) claims that the three most common faults of breathing are: Chest breathing, Exhaling at the point of effort, Breathing that is uncoordinated with movement. Greg Everett simplifies it further with the following quote "It helps o-lifting (and Power Lifting) very directly through the core stabilization. Think about pulling a snatch or clean or jerking with an unstable core--doesn't work very well. The torso movement sucks up a lot of the power you generate in the legs and hips, and this is problematic for obvious reasons. Think about 2 cans of soda—one full and sealed and one empty and open. Which will withstand more compressive force (e.g. jerk dip and drive, receipt of snatch and clean) and torque (e.g. snatch/clean pull)? The full, sealed, pressurized can. Torso is the same way. You pressurize the contents and then tighten up the surrounding structure (which further pressurizes) and you have a very rigid, stable column. So practical application is simply to utilize this breathing when lifting (really any structural lifting as well, e.g. press, deadlift). Take in as much air as possible, tighten the core down, and hold that breath throughout the movement. If you're curious, I think the jerk is the easiest demonstration of this. Jerk once on an empty torso (after you've exhaled) and then jerk on a full one and see which feels and works better. No competition."