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Crossfit Games affiliate competition - CF Van Team Tryouts, Saturday

image MadLab I, Team Captain "The F@#King Duke" Crossfit Vancouver has a long history of Competition and producing athletes and Coaches who do well under the gun. Competition is important to our evolution as a species and to our success in life. With this thought in mind it is time for us to embrace the Crossfit Games affiliate competition and field a team capable of winning the big show. We finished third last year without any real organization, this year I think we could do better, but we need a plan in order to do so. Our first tryout session (training session and planning) to get this thing going is this Saturday at Noon. I will be overseeing this program and Popeye will be assisting me in the process. I would like to be able to pay him for his time. So the cost will be $10 for the session. Guys I really think we can field a strong team, but we need a lot of you to come join in, even if you don't make "The Team" we need our eventual team to have competed to win the spot. See you Saturday at Noon Patty