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Crossfit Group Sessions - How the System Works

Our system for developing our clients and coaches revolves around commitment and consistency. Each coach is responsible for developing his/her athletes. That means that each coach develops his/her own group sessions for his/her clients. It is not an open format where any client can go to any class they choose. We tried this format and it didn't work very well. The bond between coach and client has to remain strong for the client to achieve continued success. When people were going all over the place, attendance actually dropped. When we offered more classes, attendance didn't go up, it went down. In short we learned the following. One coach has to be responsible for a client. When a client commits to a strict schedule, that is consistent and fits Crossfit into His/Her schedule and is coached by one dedicated coach, the results out strip any other method. We also suspect that by giving people too many options and allowing an open schedule people would spend all day (or 4 snooze cycles) trying to decide if they were going to come to class or not. Those people who committed to a schedule have proven to be healthier and happier (and produced better performance numbers) than those who did not. Now there are situations where we are looking at permitting clients to go to classes that are not coached by their coach. NOTE of Interest: Each of our coaches are independant business owners. They collect from their clients and pay CF Vancouver a percentage. It is a superior system than that of the globo gyms where they pay kids a meager hourly wage or the personal traing studios where the owners, out of paranoia of losing their business, make the clients change trainers every session . Our coaches are self motivated and provide a much higher level of commitment and excellence than any globo gym or Personal Training facility in the Lower mainland. We are creating a professional class for fitness coaches and it clearly shows by the quality of people who "Give the Love" at CrossFit Vancouver. The system does however, present an accounting problem when clients come to classes other than the ones they have committed to. Having said all of that we are prepared to have some leniency with allowing people to come to classes other than those coached by their coach 1) One day a week your schedule doesn't permit you to attand your regularily scheduled class. The thing to do here is approach your coach and make a deal to attend another coach's class that fits your schedule. We will post every coach's schedule in a few weeks. 2) Your schedule has dramatically changed and your regular classes don't work. Again, approach your coach and arrainge another time either with your coach or have him pass you off to another coach's class that fits your schedule. 3) You want to come to Crossfit 5 x per week and your coach can't accomodate that. Approach your coach and work it out so that you can attend another session that works for you. Our business/fitness model has never been done before, so as we grow, we will continue to face issues that have no precedent. Together we will figure it out so that it works for all of us. In the new year we will be having two sessions per week (Big Man Night, little Pixie Night) where it is open to everyone to attend and will be mandatory for all coaches to attend, either to coach or to workout with the group. We will also be holding a once per month open group competition session where all the clients can compete against each other. This will add greatly to the camaderie and allow the different groups to hang out and get to know each other. Here is to a bright future in our new "Barn" Giddyup smile