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Crossfit Halloween Costume - Judging Standards

Ok Kids the party is almost upon us, do you have your costume? There will be a $100 prize for best Female, Male and Gay costume. Everybody is welcome to wear whatever costume they want, no peer pressure or hassles here. I love Spock and Garfield as much as the next guy, but know that you have no shot at winning any money with that shit. Here are the judging standards (so there is no bitching about the winner) imageLADIES 1st: Forget home made. How much work you put into it and wether your mother helped you sew on the prettiest buttons is worthless here. 2nd: To qualify you must have on high heels and a garter belt (stayups or knee highs might qualify if properly done) Higher the heels higher the score 3rd: The perfect score of 10 is achieved by the person who has nothing on but the highest heels and sexiest garter belt/hose combo 4th: Everything else added to the costume is a points deduction 5th Special points awarded for child hood cartoon characters (you can do it Kermie!) imageGuys: pre-req: Any costume that would make it impossible to get into a straight night club in Vancouver. It must have a cock on it Shirts off !! Extra points for exposed butt cheeks Combine all four with a comic book or sports hero and you win Gay Louder and Prouder wins the chowder (was going to post a photo, but I don't think we are quite ready for the one I wanted to put up) smile image Thursday's Workout: RAGGEDY ANN With Dumbells 7 deadlift, squat clean, thruster (one movement) every minute on the minute for 20 minutes Heaviest dumbbells win.(must complete in full) If you can't complete on time, rest one minute, continue next minute. score it by how many rounds completed. Final Party Notes: 1) You will be assigned one (1) cup for the night with your name on it, lose it an lose your free booze (last time there was more left over booze in cups that people neglected than in people's stomachs 2) Nobody drives 3) KNOW YOUR LIMIT.....STAY JUST OVER IT 4) Take care of each other