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Crossfit in Muscle & Fitness?????

Andy Petranek (Our brother from Cf LA) sent us this video. Apparently Muscle & Fitness approached Andy about writing an article. Sounds strange to us as M & F and the whole body building culture is about to be eradicated by Crossfit, but Crossfit is featured in an 11 page article in the latest M & F. (ps...can anyone spot the Cf Vancouverite in the video?) Read below to see what Andy had to say about the experience. Some background... Eric V. (the writer of the article and senior editor at M&F) approached us back in September wanting to do a piece on CrossFit. I wasn't sure I was hearing correctly - was that Muscle & Fitness??!! I didn't really believe it, but went along just the same. We set it up so that he would train with us as one of our students for 12 weeks - 2 days per week here at the gym, and then 1-2 days per week on his own based on the workouts on our website. He created a workout log in our discussion forum and joined us - full speed ahead. He was actually a great student - participating fully, keeping track of all his workouts in his online journal and doing the workouts on his own. The 12 weeks got cut short to 6 weeks due to scheduling conflicts and deadlines at the magazine, but all-in-all, my experience with him was straight up. We shot the Filthy Fifty workout back in January - they also used that opportunity for a photo shoot for the article. Up until about a week ago, I was very tentative about who I told about the whole thing and what I said. After all, this is Muscle & Fitness we're talking about - bodybuilder central! But I'm very happy to report that after receiving an advance copy of the article last week, Eric did an AWESOME job representing CrossFit as a whole. The article is 11 pages long with about 15 pictures plus a couple side-bars. And the story he crafts, centered on his experience CrossFitting, is one that each of us can relate to. When I finished reading the article, it felt to me as though he truly captured what we do and how we do it (the first time ever in print that I can recall).