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CrossFit Kids Coming to CFV!

Mondays 4-5pm November 21st, November 28th, December 6th. Bring the kids to play while you hit the 4pm Group Class. If we have a successful turnout this program will continue in the New Year. Class size limit 8 kids ages 6 to 12. $40 per session or $100 for all 3 sessions. Contact to reserve spaces. Here's some footage from our Summer Camp: Warm-Up: Burgener Snatch Warm-Up Tech: Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch WOD: Snatching Double Unders 7 Rounds 35 Double Unders 1 Snatch (power or squat) Choose your own weight but you only get one snatch attempt each round so if you miss a lift it does not count! Your score is equal to the total weight lifted minus your time in seconds. So for example, I did this workout at 145lbs and it took me 8:20 to complete. I didn't miss any reps so my combined weight lifted was 1015 (7x145) minus 500 (my time in seconds) so in the leaderboard my score is 515. Biggest number wins. So which will you try, a heavier weight or a lighter load done quickly?