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Crossfit Kids program

It is pretty obvious to all that child obesity is a problem and will be a larger problem in years to come if someone doesn't do something about it. Just look around. It's easy to understand why??? Kids are eating more and moving less. It is as simple as that. A generation of teaching kids that computers are more important than their health has produced an epidemic.

imageWhat's the solution? Plain and simple: get kids moving! And educate them about physical education and nutrition (the Canadian food guide is still inadequate at best). If we can reach kids before they fall in love with Ronald McDonald, Gameboy and Face Book we can possibly save our health care system 20- 40 years from now. CrossFit Vancouver has been successful in training the military, Olympic athletes, and our mothers. Now it's time to take the next step and work with the children.
We propose: CrossFit Kids Vancouver.

Cyndi Rodi recently stated in the latest edition of the CrossFit Kids journal, "There is no age at which these skills are superfluous. CrossFit Kids seeks to develop body control early in life, thereby preparing our children for the challenges they will face in sport, play and (eventually) work."

CrossFit Kids will stimulate their nervous system and prepare them mentally and physically for anything life throws their way. And not only will CrossFit Kids educate children about fitness, but it will encourage healthy competition, and I believe will also help conquer fears almost all kids have: fear of looking silly, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in.

Can you imagine how healthy and well-adjusted our kids will be if we establish the CrossFit principles of health and fitness early in life?
I believe we can make a differnece in a child's life. Look what it has done for all of us. Imagine what it can do for children???
If you know anyone from the ages of 5 years to 12 years of age who could benefit from Crossfit please contact me at