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Crossfit Micro-nutrient War is on

As promised the Micro Nutrient war is on, here are the teams. image TEAM MACHINE image TEAM SHAGGER (missing - Bradlee) Team with the most bodyfat lost, muscle mass gained, and performance gain wins. Each category is ranked from 1 pt for last to 3pts for 1st. Most points wins. machine's official 3 picks are Jen, Erkel and Max. Team Shagger is Lumber, Brad and Girly (might sub Bradlee as Girly is Mia) smile We will look at everybody else as a point of interest. Monday's workout: Rowing Midget 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats (x3 rounds) Row 250 meters Total rounds in 20 minutes 1st come first serve on the rowers.