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Crossfit Nutrition: Macro Nutrients are More Important than Micro Nutrients - Zone Handout

image For those of you who have been keen on understanding nutrition, joined the Flab Challenge and have been following what we have said on the website, today's post might seem somewhat contradictory. You have heard the horrors that sugar and processed food of any kind will kill you, your children and all of man kind. This is both true and not true. Brace yourself for the next statement. You can get great results from eating beef and beer Now before you go off half cocked and send me tons of hate mail......listen closely. You do need the micro-nutrients (vitamins minerals etc) from "Good Carbs"(Vegetables and fruits) and if you based your carbohydrate consumption solely on chocolate you will die of scurvy. Having said that, it is more important to balance your macro nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates) and dial in overall portions than to obsess over every micronutrient. If you are eating exactly the amount of blocks of food you need for peak performance then you don't necessarily need to have all your carbohydrates come from vegetables and fruits. It would be best if we all got exactly the right amount of food each day and that all of our carbohydrates came from fruits and veggies, but the people at Cf headquarters (including my mentor Greg Glassman) swear by the zone.....not necessarily a paleo diet. What does that mean for you: If you are going to eat some bread, pasta, potatoes, (god forbid...scotch) then you had better have the ratio's (fat, protein, carbo's - 30/30/40) and quantities NAILED. Eating 5 cups of pasta or a big bag of chips or 3 chocolate bars with a steak will fatten you up like a christmas ham. Here is the zone nutrition plan. Down Load it CFJ-Meal_Plans.pdf Find out exactly (if you need help ask your coach) how many blocks of food you need per day and weigh and measure everything for 2 weeks, then stick to the nutrition plan for life. Your performance will go through the roof and your asses/bellies will turn rock hard. If that sounds too hard maybe try Licous Living and see how cool it is to have everything done for you. I started the plan today, I only eat what they give me and have one "cheat day" a week. We will see what happens to my performance numbers and my body composition. Here is a sample Licous menu Licous Living Menu Thursday's WOD: Front Squat: 1,1,1,1,1 Max Pullups (do them at the end of class) You post two numbers on the board: a front squat max and a max pullupsNice work You found the secret door smile Everything we do this week will be repeated again in the first week of December...make sure you get a Fran time, Front squat max, pullup max and a Murph time this week.