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Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Dates

Been getting a crazy number of emails about the O-lifting clinics so here's the deal: We are going to have a second offering of the clean and jerk and snatch clinics for those who missed them in the summer: September 13th 12-4pm Clean and Jerk Clinic October 4th 12-4pm Snatch Clinic Check out the reviews from the first clinic here: Then we are going to have a part II to the clinic series revisiting the lifts and taking them one step further using video analysis and giving you drills that you can take away and do on your own. October 25th 12-3pm Clean and Jerk Part II (Only open to those who have attended one of the previous clean and jerk clinics). November 1st 12-3pm Snatch Part II (Only open to those who have attended one of the previous snatch clinics). and then... November 22nd we are going to be hosting the first annual Crossfit O-lifting Competition where we will be inviting members of the other crossfits in the lower mainland to come and compete for some prizes and fun. Cost for the 4 hr clinics is $50 for crossfit Vancouver members, $70 for non members. Let me know if you are interested in any of the above. Check out the video BK made from clips from the last snatch Clinic: