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Crossfit programming - Sometimes We Just Need to Play

image Kara's Las Vegas Cartwheel Forgotten among all our coaches "Monster" workouts has been the pure joy of play. If you like to laugh, develop skills and simply horse around, today is your day. Don't be fooled will be warm and sweatty at the end of this hour. We are going to work on: Handstands,Cartwheels,Roundoffs,Levers,Skin the cat,Walking on our hands and any other fun shit we can think off and here is a "Gnarly" little workout at the end: Max Handstand + Max l-sit - (time to do 5o GH Situps) (You coaches will have to use your noggin to implement this one smoothly) Should be fun smile image Happy 32nd to Charlie "JailBird" Palmer The No Quit Tribe