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Crossfit Rain or Shine - Beat The Bear

image Patty & DAD (Deano) @ World Junior Championships Looking to repeat this scene at the Olympic Gold medal Game in 2010 I hope you all enjoyed Quatchi, the coolest 2010 Olympic Winter Games Mascot by the way. 2 Part Tuesday Workout Lil Group Warmup followed by: Part 1 - The Run Run 1000m rest 3 minutes Run 500m Record times Part 2 Max Reps Overhead Squats - 7 minute time limit - Loading - 50% of body weight - racks are allowed (Stagger the 7 minutes to allow everyone on the racks) - rest as needed, clock starts when you begin first OHS Top Ten of part 1 and part 2 will be posted. Who will make both lists??? Good Luck! Editors Note: anyone who beats the bear in both categories gets a free pair of Camo Shorts or Pants Argue like a grown up: The Key to a healthy love life