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CrossFit Science Blog - Tony Leyland

Patty has asked me (Tony Leyland) to start a regular contribution to the CrossFit Science page on the website. Although I have been with CrossFit Vancouver for five years now I thought I would start by re-introducing myself more fully and discuss what CrossFit Vancouver hopes to achieve with my involvement (other than improving my overhead squat….which I admit is X-rated). As you know CrossFit is not about getting you to sign up on a cheap monthly package and hope you don’t turn up (as in the Fitness World model where if all members came regularly there wouldn’t be room for them). Not only is there instruction from knowledgeable coaches during your gym time but there is also an on-going education component. CrossFit wants to make a difference in your life and help you to become an informed consumer of the health information that we are bombarded with (some good, some bad and, unfortunately, a lot unspeakably bad). So here is a little about me and how to contact me……. try to stay awake now! I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University and have taught there since 1983. I teach physical conditioning, fitness assessment/counselling and biomechanics courses. When I was new to CrossFit I read the CrossFit Foundations Article and realised Greg Glassman had brilliantly captured what I believed about conditioning from many years of involvement as an athlete, coach and university lecturer. I strongly believe that the science in the field of Strength and Conditioning supports CrossFit methodology. Read the rest of Tony's article here in our website's Exercise Science section. Tuesday's Workout: Strength day Skill/Tech: Jeff Tucker, coach of the CrossFit HQ Gymnastics Certification, wants us to look at gymnastics as another way of strength training. Take some time here to practice his methods for developing the front and back levers. Workout: Back Squat 1,1,1,1,1 Go for a new max if you feel it. Or try a safe max. This would be a weight that is very challenging for you but you can complete the lift without a great loss of form. Leaderboard will be the total of your five lifts. One Love, Shep