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Crossfit, The Deadlift and Curing Back Pain

The lower back is one of the most common areas of injury and pain for athletes, recreational exercisers, and non-exercisers alike. Chances are if you haven't dealt with back pain at some point in your life, you will. So how can you injury-proof your back? Well, one way is to master your posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, glutes, etc). And one of the best ways to master these muscles is to regularly deadlift. However deadlifting can be tricky. Do it right and the back improves tremendously. Do it wrong and it gets worse - perhaps much worse. Here to set you straight is Eric Cressey, world-renowned exercise specialist. In this great interview, Cressey shares his most important tips on doing this exercise the right way. Thanks To Tbear (who had back surgery and healed his back through the deadlift) and John Berardi of Precision Nutrition Please add your thoughts to comments