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“Crossfit UnPlugged” Party - Saturday Night

image ladies and Gentlemen I present our first Annual "Crossfit Unplugged". This party is a celebration of the music and musicians in our community. We have some very talented people sharing sweat with you. This party is all about the music, no DJ's blaring between sets, only chill low music so people can talk and bullshit while waiting for the next set to send you into acoustic songgasm. smile Shazam's band Lonely Bones (featured above) are the headliners. They have been practicing 20 new acoustic songs just for the occasion. We have been hearing that the rehearsal/jam sessions are taking on legendary status. Ya gotta hear Shazzy sing the Chris Cornell shit. I guarantee goose bumps. It is awesome. Other acts include Jailbird Blues, GMAC Killers, and Opie's Ass Hurts. There will also be an open mike set for those of you who feel your love is pretty enough to share with the world. Doors open at 9pm Music starts at 10 Refreshments (Thank Sleemans girl Caroline smile are provided (Cheaper than you can buy em at a store)