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CrossFit Vancouver 2011 CrossFit Games Team Departs for L.A.

Its that time of year again. After placing 2nd in the Canada West Regional we are sending our team down to Los Angeles to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games. Andrew "Sack" Swartz. British Columbia's original CrossFit Bad Ass has been competing in the games since 2008. Twice as a single (best finish was 24th in 2009) and this his second year with the team. This guy's game is comprehensively the most complete in our gym. He comes from some pretty strong Dutch genes. I don't think they used oxen to plough the fields there. Just yoked the little children and put them to work. Of course afterwards they filled them full of chocolate. This explains his Olympic Podium level sweet tooth. Mike "Ginger Monkey/Lumberjack" Dahlman is one of the most loyal people I know. I remember when he was still in pt and texted me in a so clandestine way that there were other CrossFits in Vancouver. I got back to him immediately, out of fear he would set them on fire, and assured him we knew of these other CrossFits. He came to me with some impressive love handles, a big smile and a whole bunch of time on his hands. Now, I'd say the smile is bigger, the love handles gone, and all the time and effort he can muster for our community. Representing us for the second year in a row, The LumberJack will bring it #$%*ing hard. Love ya buddy. Dan Fontaine. I don't think I know anyone who is more stoked on CrossFit than Dan. He came to us a runner and triathlete and is currently transforming into a crossfitter with legit game. Be really interesting to see where he is in a year or two. He tried to nickname himself "Tiny Dancer" but I've never heard anyone call him that. Patty calls him "Afghan" for his likeness to an Afghany opium farmer. He is hairy enough. Nobody comments on our website as much as he does. Amy Mathers (distant relative of Marshall Mathers - aka Eminem) brings both experience and steadfast character to the team. Not only can this girl do handstand push ups, muscle ups and deadlift like a John Deer, she also bakes one hell of a cake. Somebody snatch this gem up! She competed at the games last year for us as well. A very sweet outward demeanour, The Brown Owl will be out on the floor with her talons drawn for sure. Bradleah "Pinky" Dahlman. She had done one workout in her life before she joined CrossFit Vancouver. It was with Suzanne Summer's thigh master when she was 16 (we actually have one in our box if you want to try it out). Early on I saw some competitive fire in her. She went to great ends of effort to not let the ginger skinny fat training partner she had in pt beat her. Now its there in spades. I am so very proud of you Bradleah and your exemplary development as a crossfitter. Emily "Eunice/Punky" Beers is still recovering from tearing her achilles last December but will be filling in for Kermit. She won't be in any running events but is sure to give the team a giant boost not only with her fire and competitive spirit but also with her lifts. She hasn't seen her boyfriend in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking she is going to be ready to chew concrete by the first event. And let's not forget the alternates. Puppy and Kermit. Both have been with CrossFit Vancouver for more than 5 years. Amy "Kermit" Summers is a mean little crossfitter. Threw down pretty damn hard at the Regionals during the Amanda event. She competed for the team back in 2009 when the Games were still held at the ranch. No one has a better post workout 1000 mile stare than this girl. She got the name "Kermit" because of the shade of green she turned after completing her first day. She smiles and laughs more now than she ever did before. Kermit loves to have you pick her up and guess her weight. Geoff "The Pup" Fraser has been with the community since 2005. What he lacks in stature he makes up in heart and ability. Pup is a bodyweight workout machine and his lifts are pretty good too. I have no doubt if we have to throw him in a workout that he will tear ass the whole way (maybe not on double unders). But don't worry about his stature too much. This guy is hung like the Canada space arm. Some of you might not know that Puppy has built everyone of our gyms. Whenever you do a pull up you have him to thank. I can't imagine our community without him. All the team's love for the sport and sacrifice for CrossFit Vancouver is something we hold in very high regard. Congratulations folks. GO GET 'EM!!!! You can keep up to date on their progress and watch them compete at the 2011 CrossFit Games Site. Emily will be blogging daily on the same site as well. Wednesday's Workout: Workout #1: 50 m Sprints x 5 (2 minutes rest between) Coaches warm your athletes up really well for this. Workout #2: J.T. 21,15,9 Handstand Push Ups Ring Dips Push Ups Hspu do not count unless both heels are on the wall when your elbow is locked straight. J.T. will be the leaderboard. Cheers! Shep