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Crossfit Vancouver Affiliate Team Tryout Schedule

Last weekend we had a great turnout at Crossfit Lions for part I of the Vancouver qualifiers, this weekend we expect an even bigger turnout for part II. Festivities will start out at 10am with the first workout. We will run 5 heats-EVERYONE is welcome to compete regardless if you are "trying out" for the crossfit games team, so come out and join the fun. Here is the description of the 1st Workout at 10am. Heats will be as follows: Heat 1-10:00 Start 1-Greasey 2-Neil Currie 3-Geoff 4-Tanya 5-Kyla 6-Becky 7-Teri Leslie 8-?? (room for 3 more to jump in) 9-?? 10-?? Heat 2-10:20 Start 1-Joy 2-Kermit 3-Machine 4-Sam 5-Smart Girl 6-Erin 7-Fancy Pants 8-Michelle Heat 3-10:40 1-Doyle 2-Marco 3-Toddy 4-Sac 5-Supa 6-Fall Guy 7-Ryan Heat 4-11:00 1-Lumber 2-Pete 3-Jayboy 4-Max 5-Fynn 6-Jason Noel 7-Pies Guy Heat 5-11:20 We are leaving room for 10 additional people who show up on the day so get your ass in here!!! This will be followed by a barbeque to give spectators and athletes a chance to socialize and prepare for the final workout that will begin at 2pm. Check out the video, it will be quite the finish! We will conclude the day with some more food and drinks, so come out, enjoy the sunshine and watch some of vancouvers finest athletes put it all on the line!