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CrossFit Vancouver and Training FX hosts VO2 Max. Challenge

It’s not where you start the race; it’s how you finish... What is your VO2 Max? A VO2 max. is a person’s maximal capacity to extract oxygen from the air and transport it to their muscles, which is ultimately a direct reflection of their physical fitness. What a VO2 max. test looks like: image A VO2 max. test is a maximum intensity physical test that requires using as many parts of the body as possible, especially the largest muscle groups. For our purposes, we will be using the rowing machine. In terms of intensity, it’s an incremental test that will last 8 minutes (plus a much lower intensity warm-up). The point is to burn out your anaerobic system, placing maximal demands on your respiratory system. How will the challenge be administered: Anthony No Tone King of Training FX will be doing the testing. image No tone. Most of you have seen him around the school. He is the bike and barefoot shoes guru, who is always in and out of the office. How being aware of you VO2 max. will help you as a CrossFitter: The main thing training your VO2 max will teach you is how to pace yourself for maximal results. Often as CrossFitters, we go out balls to the wall and end up flying and dying. Last week, for example, we did Nancy. How many people’s 5th rounds were even close to as fast as their 1st rounds? As a former rower, I can speak to this. In rowing, we call it negative splitting. This is when your second half of the workout is faster than your first. When I did my personal best 2 km row (7:03), my second 1000m was slightly faster (3:32) than my first 1000m (3:31). No Tone says that he has noticed that most CrossFitters have no idea about pacing. They often just feel it out as they go. “No professional sports go on instincts. There should always be a methodology,” he said. “Athletes need to learn to train within the right zone; this means hitting and holding your VO2 max., but not exceeding it. When you exceed it, then you go totally anaerobic, which is not helpful in a longer workout,” he added. “You’ll be uncomfortable, but you won’t go right to failure, which will allow you to crush the end of the workout because you’ll have more in the tank.” “Ultimately, as your VOs max. gets better, you’ll be able to maintain a higher intensity longer, and you’ll recover quicker,” he added. The details: You will be tested twice. After your first test, which No Tone will coach you through, you will receive your VO2 max. index, essentially a number that will let you know where you are on the scale compared to everyone else. Then you will be given a program to improve your VO2 max. and you will be re-tested in 60 days. The person with the biggest improvement wins. Prizes will be sponsored by Training FX. Price: $95.00 – this includes two tests and a program. Book an appointment with Anthony online here: First day of testing begins January 17th. Re-test. is two months after your first test.