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CrossFit Vancouver Athlete Profile

Meet Robert Andrew Dunn. imageimage Born in Surrey BC September 30, 1975. Rob and his family moved to Winnipeg the following year. As a boy Rob loved to draw and got pretty good at snowball fights (what else do you do in Winnipeg for 11 months of the year?). He also learned to play the guitar. The Family moved to Vancouver Island in 1990. Rob spent his high school in Brentwood Bay where he continued playing guitar and took up rugby, soccer and tennis (he looks pretty good in short shorts ladies). It was at this time that he fell in love with cars (rebuilt a few Porsche's in his day). Ask him anything about cars. He'll know it. Its amazing. Rob attended Camosun College in 1994 where he got a diploma in Computer Systems Technology. Now grooving in Victoria Rob took up weightlifting (sister owned a gym) and beefed up to 240 lbs (picture on the right). He had a hilarious gut when I met him in 2000. Over the following years Robbie took up travelling, surfing, running and DJing. Make no mistake, this guy can cut some rug! All this while building up his Business Analyst career. Long overdue, he and I moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2006. I joined CrossFit Vancouver immediately but it took me becoming an apprentice coach (Feb 2007) for him to get on board. I remember when he finally agreed he said "OK fine but I am not going to squat past parallel!". I love bugging him about that. It didn't take him long to get the nickname Erkel but the true Sith "Darth Erkel" took a few more years. Currently Rob works as a Business Analyst Consultant with Pacific Blue Cross. Like so many people that sit at a desk for a living Rob was having a lot of back trouble. Although very reluctant at first I encouraged him to lift a little more with his squat and deadlift and voila, the back pain went away. I let him spin his wheels with his "My way or the highway" attitude and he eventually understood what we were trying to do here at CrossFit Vancouver. Make better human beings. Rob has been my good friend for 10 years. It's been a pleasure (and sometimes pain - haha) to watch him grow as a human being over this time. Can't wait for the next 10. Happy 3 year CrossFit Vancouver Anniversary to my first client. Cheers to you Robbie and all the light you shine in our lives. Friday's Workout: Warm Up: 200 m Row Sprint x 4 - Rest the duration of your last row between Tech: Agility Ladder. Have a good 15 foot sprint at the end of each ladder. Workout: Annie 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Unders Ab Mat Sit Ups Classes are smaller these days with the Olympics in town so I thought we could sneak in this workout. Also thought it might bring in Benson as he loves this workout and has been super busy lately getting ready for a baby. Any day now Canace. One Love, Sheppy