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Crossfit Vancouver: Commitment to Excellence

When we see an individual make great progress in his/her level of fitness we often hear about his/her success in life shortly after. They get a new job or get promoted in the one they have. They get closer with loved ones or shed the people who don't fit in their lives anymore. They take up a new sport or begin achieving a whole new level of achievement in the ones they love. We don't think this is a coincidence. Here is a good question to ask yourself (I love asking this question to people who's commitment wavers all over the place) When you were doing Crossfit, eating properly, sleeping properly, did your life get better? When you stopped doing these things did your life get better or worse? Here is a quote Troy (Mullet) Angrignon recently sent me that fits with what we see on a regular basis. "Gandhi said 'One cannot do right in one area of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in another; Life is one indivisible whole.' This point of wisdom is profound. A commitment to excellence is not just reserved for a few select areas of your life - it must be reflected in everything you do. Your diet must reflect your commitment to excellence. Your physique must reflect your commitment to excellence. Your personal habits must reflect your commitment to excellence and your thoughts must reflect a commitment to excellence." Robin S. Sharma Please add your thoughts to "comments"