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CrossFit Vancouver Development Program

We are the first Crossfit Certified Trainers in Canada, the first Crossfit Affiliate in Canada, and we are the largest Crossfit Training facility in Canada..........and we made more mistakes along the way than anyone else we know. Just drop by our facility During an "Elite" class and ask some of our clients from the early days (Duke, Pup, Brown Bomber, Girly Man, Hallie "man hands" Sanderson, Joel "Big Daddy" Kinnman, The Freak, and Woodsy to name a few) and ask them how much we used to F*ck them up, and how much we have learned through them.....they will be only too happy to tell you all about it. We have gained a wealth of knowledge through trial and error over the past 2 years. By experimenting and documenting every athletic movement, combination of movements, progressions and development of intensity we could think of to get people fit, this is the best method we have used to date. If anyone can prove otherwise, we are all ears. Show us the results and we will adopt that method. We are constantly evolving and improving and this is our program for taking people off the street and giving them world class fitness within four years. FIRST: READ the following: - Download a free copy of the CrossFit Journal titled "What is Fitness" - Download a free copy of CrossFit Foundations - Browse the web site for gobs of information. SECOND Do the Fitness Evaluation / Into session contact US TO SET UP A TIME 60 minute free session that explains the crossfit method and evaluates your current level of fitness THIRD: Private Coaching This is done through Private Coaching sessions and typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks (longer if you are decrepit) depending on consistency and intensity of your training, your diet, sleep patterns and athletic ability. Don’t worry, if you’re just getting yourself back into shape and think that our workouts could be too hard, remember that we scale our workouts to meet the experience and ability of everyone. FORTH: GROUP SESSIONS We see the greatest challenge of bringing Crossfit to someone new "off the Street" is in learning to effectively and safely execute the movement patterns under intensity. The magic is in the movements, the results are in the intensity.