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CrossFit Vancouver Events

We have a slew of events coming up at CrossFit Vancouver's School of Fitness Fight Gone Bad 4 for Charity - September 26, 2009, 10am to 12pm. Come on out and rock FGB for Prostate Cancer Research. If you don't want to create an online donation profile at then you can just donate at the gym Saturday morning. Please contact The Lumberjack ( and let him know what heat you want to do (heats will be running every half hour). Mad lab Tournament - Beginning Monday October 5th This tournament runs every Monday night this fall. It will consist of teams of 4 (3 compete) which will be chosen via a draft. Everyone competing needs to have a Madlab Rating. This rating will be a number that is generated by plugging your super seven scores into the kermit Calculator (coming this week). Cost is $20 (need to compensate Kermit for all her hard work). There will be a round robin followed by semi finals and final. This one will be a hell of a lot of fun! Pose Running Seminar - Saturday, October 17, 2009, 12:30pm to 4pm (ish) Do you get bad shin splints? Hip flexors light up when you run? The Pose Running method can help you. Based from Brian Mackenzie's CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification, this seminar will cover the basics of the pose running method. We use technique for everything we do. Why not use it for running? There will be video analysis, skills and drills and table dancers. HA!! Gotcha! No table dancers... Really. Cost is $50. $25 for people who already did the Running Certification. Free for coaches (Ya you Patty). Halloween Party - October 31, 2009 Those of you who attended last year's Halloween Party (no doubt still in therapy over Bryan Henry's mankini) know this is a throw down to remember. Friends and family allowed. No idiots. There will be a live band, DJs and good times for all. So get your Ya Ya's out cuz we are Going to a Go Go!! The MadLab Hopper - November 7, 2009 CrossFit Vancouver will be hosting the first MadLab Hopper! It has been created as a fun competition for all affiliates in the area. It will consist of three workouts over the course of one day. Workouts will be picked out of a hat containing 30 previously chosen wod's. We are capping the hopper at 100 competitors. Who can participate? Anybody at any age. The spirit of this competition is to bring together the broader community and build ties with all the groups we have helped in the past to further develop their business.