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Crossfit Vancouver is Moving!! March 1st

image Pup Says " Holy F@#k, here we go again, 4 gyms in 4 years" It is final, Crossfit Vancouver is moving into a new space in March. The new "Sweat Shoppe" is on Clark Between 3rd and 4th Ave (1 block away). The new space will be 6,800 square feet, have showers, a lounge (with Bar), lunch room and 3 times the effective floor space. We are moving up in the world and have hired a professional design firm to make the place both functional and cool (Think Industrial funky). This will come at a cost, basically all our profits from the first 5 years of our existence will be sunk into the new location. To pull this off we are asking for your help to further the great community you have built. The design firm will be laying out the scope of work and we will project manage the work (My father, myself and the Pup will over see the construction) . Most of the technical work will be done by contractors, but we could use your help on some of the grunt work (painting, woodwork, moving equipment). We take possession February 1st with the hope of moving in By march 1st. If you have some time to help the cause please post to comments and your coach will help to coordinate your efforts. We will supply the beer and pizza, you supply the love. This place is going to be awesome!!! Friday's workout: Moving Day 1 rope climb 5 handstand pushups 12 kb swings (b / r) # rounds in 20 min If you can't do a HSPU use seated dumbell shoulder press as a progression (it should look like a 1 or 2 rep max) I am off surfing this weekend (The surf will be real big so you may want to say good by to Charlie Pammer's as this may be his last weekend on earth............) Be cool stay in school.........Patty luves ya