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Crossfit Vancouver Presents; The Heavy Halloween Party - October 31st

image It is on - here are the details: Saturday October 31st, beginning at 9:00pm Costume mandatory (we will strip you, if you show up in jeans) BYOB - Open Bar. We will have a few kegs, and some stronger medicine, bring a bottle/mix to add to the bar. We have a DJ (sheppy wanted reggae) and a band (Shazam's heavy network of Jams...think Rage Agains't the Machine) should be an interesting Combo Guests: Bring friends, lots of them. With this thought in mind PLEASE. We are all inclusive, but one rotten apple can jam up an entire party for a while. Be accountable for the friends you bring: Bring good people, who are in a good place.....the people who are generally happy, well adjusted and fun to be around. Leave the dudes with small man syndrome, little pecker disease, juice monkeys and women haters at HOME. For you NOT invite the ladies who are a) Dying for a boyfriend b) Angry at Men c) Women who think "he must be hitting on me if he is talking to me" I love everyone.......and there is hope for everyone.......but these people can quickly ruin any party.....and we are responsible for the aftermath. One final important note: We need to be very clear about the role of Alcohol in our community. Alcohol's only use should be one of a social lubricant. To bring down the walls around us so we may be more intimate with each other and enjoy each other's company and to share our hearts as a community. There is no need or want for loss of control or behavior that is detrimental to your lives. In the past we have had people (especially young women) show up and pour as much alcohol down their gullets in an hour, pass out and throw up. This is not what we or anybody wants at our party. Take care of each other, DO NOT DRIVE, and above all, be happy and enjoy each other. It is going to be a great time image Patty Luves yas smile