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Crossfit Vancouver Recognized as an official “Crossfit School”

image Crossfit HQ sees a need to prepare future coaches for success, we intend to fill that need. We have been apprenticing coaches informally for some time, now we are ready to take the next step and offer an official diploma program to guide the next generation of "General Physical Preparedness" Coaches. Stay tuned for our Level I, level II out of town apprenticeship Curricula. Wednesday's Workout: Team Fat Cindy Hey all its been a while since we have done Cindy & Its cool to see you all push yer selves hard when you team up with the brothers and sisters!!! Todays work-out will require a team effort when you face FAT Cindy! She will rock you with: 9 Pull ups 15 push ups 21 squats Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes & only one team mate can be working at a time!!!