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Crossfit Vancouver “Say Goodbye to the Barn” Party - Feb 28th

image I have noticed a weird trend over the past 5 years, every time we left a space for a clearly superior gym, everyone grumbled for months that the "New" gym "lacked a vibe" and wanted the old place back. Eventually enough time passed and we looked back and laughed at how clearly inferior the old space was. I suspect that this void existed because we just hadn't said "Goodbye" to the old spot and paved a way to take some of the "memories" from the old to the new. The proposed remedy is to pay our respects to the old girl by sending her off with a party.... Irish Wake style. We have all come a long way in the "Barn". Together we have shed blood, forged life long friendships, learned a lot about ourselves and grown as people and a community. We need to say a proper good bye to a sturdy old friend, leave some love behind to see her through the future and bring some scabs with us to the New "Sweat Shoppe". This celebration should help to pave the way for a new chapter in the evolution of our community. I suggest we do a last work out on Saturday morning (Feb 28) and everyone who is there writes a little good bye note on the back of the beloved "Daily Leader Board", then we nail it to a hidden back portion of the Barn, so it will be there until the day it is torn down. Eventually memories will be all we have, they need to be treasured. Then we also take our original flag (its a huge banner that was too big to fit in our last 2 gyms) from the first gym and each person signs it and we take it over to the new gym and hang it high. Then we move the entire gym and all its useful contents over to the new gym (We will have cube vans etc) Then we all go home, wash up and party in the old Barn one last time......... Make sense? Post thoughts to comments. Monday's Workout: "Plaza of Death" 20 Pull ups 30 Push Ups 40 Sit ups 50 Squats 2 mile run 50 Squats 40 Sit ups 30 Push ups 20 Pull ups Patty