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CrossFit Vancouver Snatch Series Begins

Now that the Widow Makers are over (phew) we are going to begin a focus on the Snatch. I'd say the most most nuanced and difficult movement in CrossFit. By and large, as a school, we are weak at it. Tuesday's Workout: Warm Up: Burgener Warm Up with dowels Technique: Heaving Snatch Balance - Don't go too heavy. Practice the movement. Workout: Overhead Squat - 7 Rep Max This video does a good job of explaining the Heaving Snatch Balance along with some of the major faults. 5 Points to Focus On: 1. Don't ride the bar down 2. Short dip 3. Avoid gripping the bar tightly 4. Keep your head straight 5. Stay on your heels Have you seen this man? image