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Crossfit Vancouver's Enrichment Program

So we have decided to let you all in on a not so well known secret and make it a dedicated program. Some of our best students often come ask their coaches and apprentices for extra help. Sometimes it is a quick conversation before, during or after class. Sometimes they want more. "Tbear can we schedule a 1 on 1 to work on my snatch" someone will ask. :) What we have found is this: Those people who get that extra 1 on 1 time get better results. They eat better, move better, come more often, and last longer at Crossfit. In short they get more of what works for them. These results made us look long and hard at what we provide for $179 a month tuition for an unlimited class schedule. It begs a philosophical question; what do you all (y'all to my southern brothers) get for your hard earned cash? I'll start here. I see companies giving away 8 "CF intro" sessions for $29. That comes to $3.63 per session. I might give my heart for the first one, but after a while for $3.63 I might throw a kettlebell in a field and say "here ya go" and go for a coffee. I'll book end it here: T bear limits himself to 20 clients and only 20 clients. He spends every bit of energy, knowledge and time on them only. Cost for that is $1,500 per month. He might be happy doing that and he could probably eventually find those specific 20 people. However that is not what we are up to in life, we want to affect as many people as we can, so we can make a difference in the world. 20 people is not a difference, it is a life of luxury. So we have drawn our line. For $179 a month you get classes, taught by a world class coach and his/her apprentices (all of which are better than 90% of what you would run into in the fitness world). A website that informs, programming that will challenge and promote world class fitness and a culture that will make you want to come hang with your friends and have a great time doing it. It is a fair trade. What we could do better if we had more time 1 on 1 with each of you. 1) Weakness training 2) Nutrition counselling 3) Goal setting 4) Reconnect with our soul brothers and sisters for some 1 on 1 love We want to see y'all 1 on 1 to reconnect on that same basis that made us friends during the PT phase. If we gave it away we would go bankrupt. But to hang out with each of you veterans is a breeze compared to new new unproven, untrained newbies. So we have decide to unleash the "ENRICHMENT PROGRAM" for you veterans of many a CFV war. Our regular rack rates are $100/hr, out 10 session rate is $750. ENRICHMENT PROGRAM: $60 PER HOUR I suggest once every 4 months should do it to keep you on track to get what you need to get better at life. lets hang out and share some love again and get you better than you ever dreamed........... Thursday's Lesson Plan Warm UP: 1 mile run Tech/ WOD 3, 3, 3 Back Squat 3,3,3 Bench Press Total weight lifted Who is the strongest man and woman at CFV??? free CFV shirt to the winners We are all going to die anyway Patty :)