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Crossfit Vancouver’s Fall Flab Challenge

Starting September 25th our "Notorious" FLAB CHALLENGE is back on Here are the details: Day 1 is September 25th, everyone gets their body composition measured by Body Comp Here is a portion of a sample report: image Then everyone attends the nutrition seminar hosted by Skip Chase of Mt. Baker Crossfit Skip is a friend, a nutrition nut and probably the best motivator I have ever met. He is driving up from Mount Vernon Washington to give us some tough love. After you hear him speak, every fiber of your body will beg you to follow Skip's advice on diet. He is a true gem. Then we give each of you a diet plan (Food Prescription) to follow for the next 75 days. Stick to the plan....don't fuck about. Workout at Crossfit Vancouver 3-5 times per week will be a ripped savage capable of jaw dropping physical performance. Then we do another scan on December 10th and see if the performance numbers match the body fat % and Lean body mass changes. (oh the way we will be doing one workout during the week of the 25th of September that everyone in the challenge will have to post a score (no goddam sandbagging). Then we will complete the same workout again during the week of December 10th) Top "losers" and lean body mass gainers, will win cash prizes and the adoration of all. $200 entry fee (Scan price on the street is $179) Sign up at the gym