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CrossFit Vancouver's First Day

Its always a good idea to measure yourself against what you once were. Here is your perfect opportunity today. Come on in and hit this thing hard! See if all this CrossFit stuff really works or if it is just a big hoax! Here's a great video of The Eagle and Fancy Pants redoing their first day. Wednesday's Workout: CrossFit Vancouver's First Day 400 m Ball Run (20/14 lbs) Max Reps -Push Ups -Pull Ups -Sit Ups in a Minute -Ring Dips Tabata Squats We will score this on the leaderboard as your ball run time in seconds minus your total reps (max push ups + max pull ups + max sit ups in a minute + max dips). Yes, some will have a negative score. Add up your actual first day or the last time you did this workou and compare. Mucho Amore, The Shepherd