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Crossfit Vancouver’s Foot Race

An Old Classic from a few moons ago. Lots of familiar faces with old hairstyles in this one. Thanks for all the support over the years guys. It means a lot to me. Some things change, somethings stay the same. I believe when you truly connect with some people, that connection is never lost. Having said That......I believe The Monk needs a rematch and an opportunity to "Dent that Can". It could change his life! Stay Tuned for Dober Monk III Tuesday's Lesson Plan: Warm Up / tech: Muscle Up Practice (just play with the Muscle Up and do a whole bunch of them or work on advancing your progression.) WOD: 16 tabata squats - How many rounds can you do In MadLab last night, Dober did over 35, Pup 40, Monk stopped at 45 rounds(he probably could have done 50 rounds)!!! Most incredible thing I have witnessed in Crossfit How many rounds can you do? smile patty