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Crossfit Vancouver’s Grazey - Vintage Glassman Week

My Crossfit Anniversary is rapidly approaching. The thoughts associated with my first Crossfit workouts bring with it a wave of nostalgia. Being asked to leave Fitness World, threatened with legal action at Kitsilano community center and ganged up on and threatened ("you are not allowed to talk to our clients") at a personal training studio all bring warm memories of my first few months of Crossfit in the city. As far as the Glassman's can figure, Myself and "The Duke" were the first Canadians to do a Crossfit workout. In commemoration of Canada's introduction to Crossfit, this week's workouts will be off the site from that very first month we began the Crossfit Journey. Duker, thank you for all you have done for me and our community. If people like you, Hallie, Pup, Girly, Greazy, Fern and Doc hadn't showed up and taken a beating in the early days we surely would not be here now......You are an inspiration, and some day I hope you will give me your diet........You would be the most insane Athlete in the country if you weren't stuffed with Sleemans and Mokie's pizza 24/7/365. smile Glassman Vintage Week Day 1: For 20 Minutes total time One minute of Clean & Jerks (95/60) One minute rest Total reps is your score Here is another BK Video installment. Kid is getting good at this shit. Cashew Economics