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Crossfit Vancouver’s High Performance Center - Madlab & Competition

image I want to start off this week with an apology to our best athletes in our region who want to compete at the highest levels of Crossfit. I want to apologize to those who choose to make Crossfit their sport. Guys/Gals (especially last year's team) I have done a poor job in coaching you to attain that elite level. I suspect the reason for this comes from a few sources. 1) I was a competitive athlete and don't have any desire to become one again. 2) It had been more exciting to watch "normal" people regain their vitality, than to see an athlete jump an inch higher. *see footnote below 3) I had a personal beef with the games because I thought Greg and I had a deal to do MadLab tournaments before the Games were invented (I have let that go) What ever the cause, it will not happen again. here is our solution CROSSFIT VANCOUVER'S HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTER This will be a sub-division of Crossfit Vancouver and will be open to anyone from any affiliate in our region who wants to participate in and win both the individual and affiliate competitions of the Crossfit Games, Our mandate: To produce winners who will represent the BC region with respect and dignity associated with our community. We open our doors to all of the affiliates in our region to collaborate with us and help produce champions. We will be following the program outlined below, and are open to input from anyone who makes sense and wants to help all of us achieve our mandate. Our Program: 1) Follow a Daily WOD (ours, .com's, your own box's..any daily WOD) 2) Compete (daily WOD's, Weekly Madlab Tournaments, Quarterly MadLab Hoppers, CF Games qualifers, CF Games) 3) Work on Weaknesses (develop a program to work outside of WODs on Weaknesses) 4) Nutrition: We will seek out the best resources and get them to help. Robb Wolf is coming in January 5) Support system: Coaches, buddies, mentors what ever it takes to support champions 6) Community: It takes a community to raise a champ Things we won't be doing because they don't work: 1) people working out in the corner by themselves with no support, competition or comaraderie. 2) Separate programming. The code for fitness is there (Functional movements, intensity, constantly varied) I don't think it has to be reinvented. After that last games I asked Andy (who finished 23rd and contended the whole way, would have been top ten if he knew what a sledge hammer was for) if one of us (him, me, OPT) should take over our programming. His answer "Craig I think that our program helped me the past two days. By having each coach take a week, it has maximized the randomness of the WOD's, I think it would be a mistake to take that away". Competition is the key to being a champion. Think boxing, hockey, there anyone on their own, training by themselves and not competing who wins??? Regular local competitions are crucial, and will give us a leg up. Most people who have done well at the games, as I understand it, do the WOD and work on weaknesses, have a performance based diet (room for negotiation here), possess great genetics and above all have a great support system and community to go along with the heart and desire to be a champion. If you want to make Crossfit your sport, compete at the games or just compete period. Post your name to comments. I also want to acknowledge Jenika Gordon and her crew from Crossfit Westside for the awesome vibe they brought to the hopper this past weekend. Great work! Monday's WOD: Crossfit Total (stop ducking the strength days, you need at least one a week) Warm UP - with a bar - 5 deadlift, 5 squats, 5 shoulder press x 5 rounds Tech: Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder press WOD: 1 rep max squat, deadlift, shoulder press I am a Noble man - Patty * Footnote - My most rewarding moment of coaching came after one of my students, a post menopausal woman in her 50's came up to me after 4 months of Crossfit, hugged me and whispered in my ear "Patty, last night I had the first orgasm I have had in 15 years" Author's Note: I was not with her the night before