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Crossfit Vancouver’s “Sailors & Pinups” Party - May 10th

If you are reading this, chances are you are among the best people we have met in Vancouver. The people who can make CrossFit a part of their lives, endure all of its hardships, keep their head on straight, keep their integrity entact and come back for more........ are some cool fucking people. If you have been able to do is time to drink, dance and celebrate with people like yourselves. Being an open "Tribe" we encourage you to bring as many friends as you want. I know you all have many good people you call friends, I have met them....we have the facility to throw a great party so bring them with you...........with 3 conditions. 1) This is not some sissy "fitness" party....bring all the party "favors" you want.....just be able to handle and be responsible for what ever you ingest. 2) This is not a marketing party to solicit business....there will be no talk of "signing" up your friends.....if they want to join the tribe, they can e-mail us on Monday 3) Be accountable for the friends you bring: Bring the good people.....the people who are generally happy, well adjusted and fun to be around. Leave the dudes with small man syndrome, little dick disease, juice monkeys and women haters at HOME. For you NOT invite the ladies who are a) Dying for a boyfriend b) Daddy's girls who have not earned anything in their lives c) Chicks who think "he must be hitting on me if he is talking to me" I love everyone.......and there is hope for everyone.......but these people can quickly ruin any party.....and we are responsible for the aftermath. 3) You must dress up in a costume.....your ass will be thrown out if you show up in jeans Here is the theme imageimage PINUPS (Think Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, Jane Mansfield...etc) and SAILORS (any military uniform will work) Best costume wins $100 (one for the pinup, one for the sailor) We will have a keg, some shitty box wine, some Vodka for the ladies, a DJ and some appys. Bring what you need to get a vibe on and a little more for your sisters and brothers Giddyup!!!! This is going to be the party of your young lives. smile BRING FRIENDS send them a link to this website. Patty