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Crossfit Vancouver’s Week of Popeye day sixxxxxx

Well, one more workout and that will complete the week for Popeye. Hope you guys enjoyed the workouts... I enjoyed watching all you firebreathers (and future firebreathers ) compete for Crossfit "top Dawg". Today I threw a "FUCKIN GRINDER" at you, and you guys/gals rose to the occasion. I think the highlight of the week was today at four when all the "Big Dawgs" did battle... a special shout out to "Pup" who crushed this monster of a WOD today. So without further adewwwwww! Row K.B swings 500m -----------> 10 400m -----------> 20 300m -----------> 30 200m -----------> 40 100m -----------> 50 If you missed the last two workouts, they had a big strength component to them... tomorrow is NOT one of those days. Tomorrow is a metcon day, so men use RED kettlebells, ladies use 1 25lb dumbbell for your swings. The idea is go lighter but really push the pace..... imageFastest time takes GOLD