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Crossfit Vancouver’s Week of Sack - Day 4

Ok, we are progressing nicely with our week of Sack Crossfit workouts. We are learning a lot about programming. Our sets for the loading yesterday were probably too high, 3 sets instead of five might have worked better. Deep squats after the deadlifts hurt some, personally I had to crap out today (did Glassman's 150 pullups on Sunday then Sack's weighted pullups Monday and burst my hands, first time in 3 years) and learned that switching coaches so suddenly spells disaster. So in learning this I am going to take a shot at next week's workouts and blend them at weeks end with Glassman's so that the following week we can do a week of workouts. So next week will be "Wildabeest Week" TM One arm Muscle up to One arm press (Can you believe this?) Week of Sack Day 4: Thursday Cindy: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats - # rounds in 20 min An old Classic: Gym Record = 28 rounds (Remington)