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Crossfit Vancouver’s Week of Sack Day 5 - Down Goes Pammer

Thursday, May 29, 2008
imageSome are dropping like flies while others persevere. Charlie"JailBird" Palmer is among those brave souls who got taken down by the Urban Monk's wicked concoction of Sumo Deadlift followed by a Million Deep Snatches (Snellen). Think of Mr Burns on roller skates and that doesn't begin to explain how Charlie was moving around this morning. Pammer called in sick (immobile actually) Get better brother smile For those who persevered check out today's "Daily Leader Board" (How about that Melrose Kid?) Here is Day 5: 150m row, 1 minute rest, repeat 10 times Scoring: Set timers on Rowers (Sack or Patty will show you how), Lowest total time wins. Post Love notes and "Get Better" wishes to Palmer in the comments section. I am sure he will appreciate it smile