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CrossFit Vancouver’s Week of The Shepherd

It was great to see everyone out on Saturday. We are so very lucky to be part of such a great community. My life has gotten progressively better since I joined CrossFit Vancouver. Wealth is not just monetary. Monday's Session: Warm up: Maximum 15 ft Rope Climb Ascents in 3 minutes. Workout: The Hemi 15, 12, 9, 6 Turkish Get Ups DB Squat Snatch (40/25 lbs) Burpees For the TGU - Up and down is one rep. Start on the floor. Only switch at the top. For the DB Squat Snatch - It must be a full squat to count. Rep is finished only when you are standing tall with the knee, hip, and elbow locked straight. DO NOT DROP THE DUMBBELLS FROM ANYWHERE ABOVE THE KNEE! (unless it's a failure) How's this for strength and concentration?