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Crossfit Vintage Glassman day 4

image This picture was from our Level II Crossfit Cert (Oct. 04, Denver) From left to right: KirkyBird (Former partner, now a doc in Ontario), Krynen (Former partner, now a big Wheel exec at Siemens in Calgary), Dave Camarillo (U.S. national Judo and Jujitsu champ, You will see him in the corner for many big name UFC fighters), Myself (Patty), Mike Malloy (My personal hero, para-rescuer with many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, owns a gym in San Hose), Chem Girl (parts unknown......special warfare operative). The early days of Crossfit were CRAZY. My first few certs we amazing, the people we met were absolutely incredible. One night I would be drinking with a guy who was the head of security for Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan), the next an Olympic medallist, another day a famous mixed martial artist. It was a humbling and exciting time. The following is a workout I attempted while in Greg's original gym (Santa Cruz, Ca. September 04). Vintage Glassman Day 4 10 reps 135lb (70lb for girls) bench Press 1 rope climb (5 pull to stand if you can't do a rope climb) as many rounds as you can complete in 20 min