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Crossfit week of popeye day 2 “The Cheetah”

Day 1 of our Crossfit programming was a mono structural metabolic conditioning workout. Day 2 "The CHEETAH"is inspired by a man named " Sergei Litvinov" who was one of the best Hammer throwers in the world....This 196lb phenom would front squat 405 lb for 8 reps and take off as fast as possible and run a "full out" 400m , rest for 2-3 min and repeat for three rounds, and call it a day.(once again... Intensity trumps shear volume). Our own "little Andy Sac" introduced a "Litvinov" inspired W.O.D a couple months ago, and from what I can remember it was a "HIT" similar to "FRAN". The Objective... 5 Thrusters 95/65 drop bar immediately sprint full out for 50 m. Recovery should be 3 minutes for 6 rounds in total. This will develop Power and Speed, and "Jack up your nervous system" and awaken those Type II muscle fibres you Long slow distance runners neglect. Total up your times for all 6 rounds... use the stop watched with the hundredths of a second option. Coaches really warm-up your athletes (espescially hamstrings) do a runner/sprinter type warm-up. "Train slow be Slow" - Al Vermeil Chicago Bull Strength coach. image Watch this cool video courtesy of BK productions to see what we are looking for.