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Crossfit’s 8 Reasons Why Olympic Lifts are Superior to machines

image Olympic Weightlifting Benefits for Athletes Arthur Drechsler, author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, the single most important book ever written on Olympic weightlifting, hit the nail on the head when he wrote of the unique value of the Olympic lifts for athletes. Drechsler listed eight benefits unavailable to those using machines (1): 1. Practicing the (Olympic) lifts [the snatch and the clean & jerk as well as related lifting techniques] teaches an athlete how to explode. 2. Practicing proper technique in the Olympic lifts teaches an athlete to apply force with his or her muscle groups in the proper sequences. 3. In mastering the Olympic lifts, the athlete learns how to accelerate objects under varying degrees of resistance. 4. The athlete learns to receive force from another moving body effectively, and becomes conditioned to accept such forces. 5. The athlete learns to move effectively from an eccentric to concentric muscle action. 6. The actual movements performed while executing the Olympic lifts are among the most common and fundamental in sports. 7. Practicing the Olympic lifts trains an athlete's explosive capabilities, and the lifts themselves measure the effectiveness of the athlete in generating explosive power to a greater degree than most other exercises they can practice. 8. The Olympic lifts are simply fun to do. Read Here for the complete article O lifting 101