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Crossfit’s Week of the Ant - Day 3

So it turned out to be a pretty hot & sunny day for running, good job to everybody who came out for it! I'm sure you'll all be a couple of pounds lighter for it. wink And now here's Thursday's workout: "Snatching Bear" Every minute on the minute for 20 mins (or as far as you can get) do: 5x wide-grip deadlift 5x hang snatch (power snatches are okay) 5x overhead squat - choose your own weight. - highest (completed) weight wins! And a reminder from your Friendly Neighborhood Machine: Snatch Clinic from 11-3 next Saturday (August 16th). email La Machine ( to sign up. At the clinic we are going to break down the movements and do drills to work on increasing flexibility, coordination and power transfer. People of all skill levels are welcome.