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Training Focuses for Cycle Jan 1-Feb 11

It just so happens to work perfectly that January 1st fell on a Monday this year. New year, new week and new programming cycle all in the same day. 

Over the nest six weeks we will putting some heavy focuses on the following:

Primary Lift: Front Squat

A large portion of our time will be allotted to improving the strength of the front squat. We will be testing and retesting a three-rep max over the course of this cycle, so please ensure you complete that test this week. As per usual we will be using a basic percentage based program based of the three-rep max. There is also an addition of a "max-reps" set on a few days over the cycle. For the sake of the stimulus we want you to leave two-three reps in the tank for that "max" set. 

Secondary Lift: Jerk Variations

We will also spending a decent of time practicing jerk technique. Our preference is that you practice a split jerk but a push jerk is also acceptable. The goal is to improve the technique surrounding the jerk. Practicing hip extension and footwork are the biggest concerns in regards to the jerk over the next six weeks. If jerking is inappropriate for you then we will have you practice a single arm landmine push press or a kneeling landmine shoulder press. 

Gymnastics: Rope Climbs

To add an element of upper body pulling we will be programming rope climbs regularly as a skill exercise. Again, the focus is the mechanics and the technique of the rope climb more so than the speed. Ensure proper foot clamps and efficient pulling via the shoulder rather than extreme tucking and leaning to minimize the number of pulls needed to get up the rope. If you are unable to complete a full rope climb we will allow to practice partial climbs or to work towards the strength needed for a rope climb we will have you practice static chin over bar holds. 

Accessory: Scapula Stability 

As per usual the accessory work portion will remain constant over the cycle. Biases for the accessory work will include scapula stability and exercises to improve range of motion through lower body abduction. 

Hope to see everyone back in the gym this week. 

Coach Tom.