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Cycle Preparation | February - March

Take note of the new whiteboard. Here you will find the current programming focus along with some helpful tips to keep you on track. Whether you are already here training, or just returning from some time off, use this to help guide you. Make sure you are familiar with your individual progressions and seek help where substitutions are necessary. However similar, training affects us all differently. Meet with your coach to help iron out any details so you take care of your individual needs. 

With a new programming block, new drills will be will be provided. The drills will help prioritize the preparation of your joints and tissues to coincide with the training. Most of the drills should be familiar to members, or have been reviewed in training sessions. Ask a coach should you be unfamiliar or just feeling a little rusty on execution. 

Check the video out.

Additionally, consider performing these drills as part of your prehab post-training or on your off-days. Multiple repetitions at a low intensity can promote blood flow and nutrient exchange. Nothing like keeping you on point for the long haul.


Coach Chesty