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We have a wack of new equipment coming to support our recent growth and the opening of the new facility. We have had some hassle regarding our recent wall ball order. Check out this warning Andy Sac sent me today. I particularily like "Overdose", which is, by the way, the sign of an inexperienced trainer. Unless the client was well warned and he chose to OD him/her self anyway. It happens sometime where people want to puke. Our best and most experienced coaches like to draw a parallel of themselves with a Crack dealer. "We have the best Crack, it is the most potent and we know it. If you want the strongest shit we have it. Crossfit is the same way, the danger much do we give this newbie so that he gets the right hit and doesn't OD. After a few years of observing green face, explosion puke, lazy eye, cousin dizzy, snot bubbles and the occasional "that was easy" you learn how to dial in the right dose. Every day the addict gets more tolerent until he/she is so fit that in order to elicit a hormonal reaction, you have to dream up all kinds of different hits to trigger their central nervous system. Does this sound familiar?? Read below Dear valued customer, We have observed training regimens with our products over the past 18 years in virtually every sport and athletic training situation and have found with absolute certainty that the use of the heavier balls ranging from 14 to 20 pounds have very limited application and utility. For this reason, we want to be responsible and recommend that our customers give careful consideration to the selection of the weight ball that they select for their personal use. We want your medicine ball training experience to be a positive and successful. The daily reports that we receive and the many observations we have of injury, biomechanical failure and psychological burnout when performing Crossfit Wall Ball cannot be overlooked. Too often Crossfit enthusiast (not crossfit trainers) follow the WOD of CF but not the strong recommendations of scaling the load, volume, biomechanical range and velocity of the recommended exercises to the individual. Scaling the exercises is the main emphasis in CF trainer certification and in the majority of CF affiliates programs the trainers do a good job of supervising and teaching biomechanics, load, volume and exercise velocity. It appears that the average follower of CF WOD does not interpret the Wall Ball WOD as the ultimate BENCHMARK but rather the beginning or intermediate. As a result overdose, failure and injury occurs. We personally think that as an ultimate BENCHMARK that the Wall Ball dosage of the CF WOD is too high if done in one consecutive uninterrupted set. In our opinion, biomechanical breakdown will occur in the struggle to reach the required number of repetitions. Scaling Wall Ball from a lighter weight up (6, 8 or 10 lb) rather than heavier weight down (12,14,16,18 20 lb) is much more logical. Starting with biomechanical volume increase per set, then adding velocity by adding height to target and finally load to the correct biomechanical movement. At this point the progression repeats itself. If after reviewing this information you wish to change the weight of the ball that you purchased at our store reply and we will credit your transaction for the difference in price. If we do not hear back by reply within the day we will assume that you are satisfied with the selection and ship as ordered.