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Dashie Chronicles For Battle Paleo

Part One: THE FIRST 4 WEEKS: So it starts off with ten people in a flight going strict for four weeks. For me I was super pumped to dial in the diet for a number of reasons: 1. Post Xmas fat still around 2. Absolutely broke and the money would be awesome! 3. My brothers New Zealand wedding is March 12; all the family is there - so also a good time to loose the excess. So I finished the cheating off with Fish and Chips (we cheated for the week leading up to pinch day…..why not!) and then 24th January was pinch day! I was surprised at the results but knew where I needed to step it up! I mostly live the paleo lifestyle but it was time to stop cheating on the little pieces of chocolate in the evening, the dairy in the coffee and limit the wine consumption! All was going well and then the Market Fusion party happened! A bunch of us ended up consuming way too much alcohol and sugary, saucy protein. So after week one I was happy with my few changes but still need to dial it in a little more. Had the body scan, super interesting, learned a lot about my fat, where it is more apparent in parts of my body and the same with lean muscle mass. Found out that my right leg has almost 2lbs more muscle than my left, I now understand why I wiggle out of those back squats at times!!! Survey said Dash’s body fat = 26% Week Two:image Breakfasts are easy now! Coconut cream in the coffee = no dairy and a great yummy source of fat. Protein is easy, free range eggs, grass fed bacon, bison and beef steaks. Finished it with a little carbs, either some vegetables (asparagus mainly) or a small amount of fruit. I had a great week and then Tbear and I headed to Whistler for a few days! The hardest part is being around people who are eating Ms Vickies chips (a fav of mine) and really good carb breakfasts such as stuffed French toast!!!!!! I ate well but consumed again more wine than my body should be allowed. The next day Hallie and Charlie arrived and it all started again, a beer with lunch, wine and cheese while playing cards…….CFP and Tbear are out of this challenge! It is the weekends that are getting me! The next is a great week. I am working more often and at higher intensity, my weight is reducing and my belly pinch is down. It's nice having a professional body fat pincher at home to guesstimate what the pinch is (Tbear is probably 95% right with his finger pinches, he has done it so many times). But this time it was Eunice’s surprise birthday, I was planning on staying alcohol free and eating well! Fat Chance. Lisa Blewett brings dried veggie chips and dip yum! And chocolate mud cake…..way too tasty! And as it turns out Pinky and I are wasted…….Uh-Oh - Blackout. SHi$$ Sure there is a lot of stress going on in my life that are causing these binge outs. Not sure what is happening with Immigration and my VISA, I have no money, must ask Bear for an allowance, I'm fighting with the people I love and have a shoulder that is troubling me from doing some workouts! However things are about to change for the better! I have a week to go. And every time I cheat, whether it be chocolate, wine (hmm maybe not so much), dried fruit, pizza, popcorn or some treat my mum sent from NZ, my stomach kills the next day or I wake my with a snotty nose! All are signs of bad food intake! It is surprising how your body reacts to something after it has not had it for awhile. So I knew that I had to step it up a notch and I finally got the go ahead to get the VISA sorted! Wohoo Achievement #1 - no longer an illegal alien. I can now work in Canada again! Straight away my stress levels reduce hugely! I am happy and giddy. Guess What?image wait for it that’s right I get not 1 or 2 but 3 muscle ups! A huge achievement for me in Crossfit, things are good! Life is good………Shit why not celebrate! Nothing wrong with being happy and having one day to eat whatever and drink whatever, I am one happy immigrant!!!! DASH you IDIOT! Yes I live with and date Mr Tbear Paleo himself but he tends to push my limits! You would think that he is 100% paleo as he gives everyone advice on what to or not to eat, and backs it up with fact after fact quite easily. He's constantly reading and learning a lot, I give him that. He even gives you shit when you are eating bad and can get into a full on conversation about why its bad, why paleo is better, eat grassfed meat, I do this try it blah blah. Well don’t be surprised when I tell you that the biggest cheater in our house is the one and only PaleoBear! Somehow he manages to buy and bring questionable food into the house, yes he eats a little and puts it away. But he has better will power than I so I can't stop so easily! At least he understands what he is doing to himself. Just some days it pisses me off because he makes me cheat! Yes that’s right makes me, it is not my choice!!! wink As the first 4 weeks are coming into its last days, I fast a bit. You know what though, I have found that it is actually good and easy for me to do. I rarely wake up hungry and can manage to go a half to full day without eating! Let my body eat the fat it's storing. I reckon……eat body, eat away all you want!!!! D-Day: Pinch number two takes place………..and I am down 25%. Sadly I wanted more but after just 4 weeks this for me is actually pretty reasonable especially with all the wine and the few cheats. I think back to the first challenge which was about 4 months long and I changed my diet a lot and still lost only 22%. THE LAST 2 WEEKS The cheat day I allowed myself after the first pinch managed to extend out for around 3 days. Not the best idea I don’t think! That week was average, the weekend was ok, Saturday night there were a few too many bottles of EXCELLENT vino consumed while playing Settlers of Catan, Thanks Shep! However the final week has been good. No booze, no cheats! This is no chocolate, no dairy, not even cheese or cream!! No wheat, grain no refined sugars! Even when it was put right in front of me! I kept my raw nut intake limited.My workouts were good. My heart is pumping. And I'm back working at Jump Gymnastics and making a living. Feb 21, 22. Two days without Tbear meant it was easy for me to be good. Since he has been back though, I just get pissed at him because he is having everything I want! I get grumpy with him because he is not being supportive by decreasing my temptations……...but he doesn’t buy it, I don’t know if I do either. It may just sound good because I have someone else to blame! As I sit here and type this though on a Friday night, all I want is a glass of vino! Yes I believe I may have a problem! Tbear assures me one glass will be fine, a pitiful 4oz will not hurt you! But Shaazam gave up booze and came down 30%. I will not give in to the temptation. I have saved myself all week for the few drinks I will have Saturday night at "Pinky’s Hens Night", I just have to eat lots of good protein (no chicken wings) and not eat anything sweet! I hope it doesn’t hurt my results. Already planning what I am going to eat on Monday after my pinch! Pizza, power cookies, chocolate, wine and maybe some chips!!! Stock up on all the Canadian goodness before heading back to NZ for 3 weeks! Great challenge so far, best results Tbear has ever seen. All right stay tuned till after the pinches and I will inform you of the results. Goodluck to everyone in their final few days!!! The Dash
Some of the best things I have found during this Paleo Challenge 1. Coconut Cream, see I say ‘cream’ and not ‘milk’. This stuff rocks! It tastes great in coffee cold or heated! You can use it to make mashed potato surprise. Best brand that I use is Savoy, can be found at the grocer on Cambie and Broadway also the save on foods Kingsway and 10th. 2. Lettuce Wraps. Ok yes I have had these before but depending what you put in them (bacon, beef, chicken) you can eat them anytime of day! I have got creative with these and am never bored or dissatisfied. 3. Tbears Meat Program! Best meat and fish I have ever had! Not only does it taste great it also gives you all the good stuff you need! 4. Seed Oil. Best recovery stuff ever! My body normally takes forever to reduce the pain after Tabata squats, OHS 10x10 now I rarely feel sore 5. Fasting. I had done this before but now it is so easy and I am still able to workout on an empty stomach and get great results! 6. Wheat free beer!
Now for Sundays Workout: FIGHT GONE BAD! Go hard and beat your past scores! 3 ROUNDS 1 min Wall Balls (14/20) 1 min SDHP (55/75) 1 min Box Jumps (20") 1 min Push Press (55/75) 1 min Row (calories) 1 min Rest