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Dave Eaton: What a big-shot CEO financial juggernaut looks like in real life

I hear the words ‘high risk investment’ and I freak out. I barely make enough to support myself, an accomplishment in and of itself, so when I think about ‘high risk,’ I run the other way. But, but but, if there were anyone in the world I would trust with giving me sound advice on these matters, it’s long-time CrossFit Vancouver member Dave Eaton, CEO of the Baron Group and possibly the most generous man on the face of the planet. One Notable Dave Eaton Achievement: Dave Eaton was the driving force behind the hard lobby for the washroom renovation. “Those washrooms are unusable. It’s like showering in a Midas Muffler shop,” he would complain, day after day, week after week, month after month. It proved impossible to find a picture of Dave Eaton, so here's his son Kyle. At least you know what he might have looked like twenty years ago. To read the rest of the story about Dave Eaton and his High Risk Investment Boutique Investment Bank, check out WODHOG Emily Monday's WOD: Warm up: Coaches choice Tech Element: Mid Hang (above the knees mid thigh) Clean + Push Jerk/split - work up to a three rep max Today’s Workout: Grace(135/95lbs) 30 Clean and Jerks CFP