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David Watts - A Crossfit Transformation

image In July of 2007, I first spoke to Chris Saini about Crossfit. I told him that a friend had told me about it and I was interested in checking it out and perhaps having Chris train me. Is initial response was, "I don't know, it's a lot of work you know I said, Good, I'd like to try". I met with Chris and did the initial assessment. I didn't puke, but I certainly thought about it. I decided to the sign up for the initial 10 sessions. I met Craig Patterson, the proprietor of Vancouver Crossfit Gym, as well as several of the other coaches and members, some truly exceptional people. I knew I was in a different league athletically than everyone else in the gym, but I also felt that by surrounding myself with excellence, that maybe some of would rub off on me. In July 2007, I was around 225 pounds and 28% body fat, I could do 2 pull ups, about 10 proper push ups in a row and was concerned to take on a run of much more than 400 meters. I worked with Chris 2 or 3 times a week and saw immediate results. I spoke with Chris a lot about diet. I also listened to a talk Craig gave about diet. What the body needed, what the body could use, and how to feed it property. I altered my diet from one rich in pasta, bagels and sushi; which I thought was healthy; and began to eat organic vegetables, meat, eggs and milk; and eliminated starches and processed carbohydrates. By December 2007, I was down to 185 pounds, but I had gained a significant amount of muscle. I was down to 20% body fat. I would guess that I lost close to 50 pounds of fat while gaining muscle mass. I am now in a class with people I consider to be elite athletes, and I am able to keep up; or at least finish the same workouts. Crossfit has changed my life. Not only has it made me a much better hockey player and created considerable attention with the opposite sex; it improved my health with incredible numbers. My high blood pressure prior to Crossfit of 150 over 92 with a standing heart rate of around 80 beats per minute to on - February 2, 2008, 120 over 74 with a standing heart rate of 62. I felt way better, but I had no idea I was doing so much to improve my health. Another surprise from Crossfit is that a number of old aches and pains went away. I'm not sure why, but I have to assume that exercises cause regeneration and healing. Prior to Crossfit, I had knee issues, tennis elbow, wrist pain that I thought was carpal tunnel syndrome and occasional lower and mid back aches. I don't recall when it happened, but all of these things have gone away. In my working life as notary public; my days are a mix of juggling real estate conveyancing and wills preparation. These are highly detail oriented, often time sensitive and stressful processes which require me to be at my best. What I get from Crossfit is that when I operate at a high level physically, I am able to operate at a high level mentally and find myself much better to cope with demanding situations. The biggest thing I get out of Crossfit is believing in myself. We do some amazing workouts. You see it on the board and it can be intimidating and actually frightening but the encouragement I have received from Chris, other coaches and members of our 5pm group during our classes prevents you from quitting. The feeling of accomplishment afterward is like nothing else. Believing 100% in yourself and while it will be difficult, you know that if you can finish, you can do anything. If you are serious about wanting to improve yourself; and you are willing to work hard; and listen; and accept the guidance provided at Crossfit, you will find rewards that you may never have imagined possible. It is a big commitment you must make to work though the program, but the more you put in, the more you get out of it. Giver's Gain. The cost commitment is also not for everyone, but it costs a lot less than smoking; or cholesterol medication; what is your life worth? When you think in those terms, how can you not afford it? I would like to thank Chris Saini and everyone at the Crossfit Gym for all that they have for me. Do I recommend it, yes absolutely! David Watts Editorial: By the way David is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and if you need a will or some real estate help......he is the man. Editorial 2: It is pretty impressive that he did 2 pullups at a very sloppy 225lbs!! Friday Workout: 1 deadlift(185/105) , 1 pullup - 1st minute 2 deadlift, 2 pullups - 2nd minute See how may minutes you can complete