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Day 2 “A Heart and lunger”

Today's WOD will primarily tax the oxidative pathway... so let's see whose got the lungs and the lactate threshold to reign supreme on day two... This workout consists of a 400m run and a row....x 4 rounds First chose a worthy opponent to compete against. A coin toss will decide who starts on the rower first. The loser of the coin toss will run the first 400m while the winner of the coin toss rows for as much distance he can until the 400m runner returns. Record the distance rowed on paper, then switch...runner immediately starts the row and the rower immediatley starts the run (trying to run as fast as possible so the rower will have less time to row and gain distance.) Each Athlete will row/run 4 times with as little rest as possible. Then combine the total meters rowed for all 4 rounds for each athlete.. highest score wins. Eat your spinach!